Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Plumeria, originally uploaded by ~So Cal Gal~.

This is a plumeria blossom. It's scent is called fragipani. It is a popular lei flower in Hawaii. Like most vegetation there, it's not native. It is very common, like a flowering crab is to us in Maryland. It comes in this and yellow and pinks and reds, plus some fancy hybrids.

It is my favorite flower. As a child I picked these all the time. Each flowers snaps right off cleanly, leaving your fingers sticky with a thin, milky sap. Then you string your lie, spritz it with water, put in a big baggy in the fridge to keep it fresh.

It's so beautiful in its simplicity. It's delicate looking, but actually the velvety petals are fairly substantial (it's a succulent) And the smell - light but full, clear,dreamy... I could go on. (Yes, I know, smells can evoke powerfully memories and emotions. I was a care-free kid roaming paradise with sand between my toes - not bad.)

Thanks for listening. MC


Carolyn said...

Maria, what a beautiful flower!! I love your descriptions of its aroma and picking it as a child.
What a treat. Thanks are owed to you!

seekyr said...

That was a treat, Maria. Ahhh, just put me in the picture!

- Lesa

Ami Kerung said...

I love this flower too .. .It drives me craze. I don't think I have loved anything as much as I love Plumeria. I mean, I look at it and feel oh-so nice. ...