Monday, June 11, 2007

LLL test

First entry/test 71/2 habits

Z easiest, but of course, is # 71/2 --PLAY PLAY PLAY and PLAY.

However, I'll choose a second pick: believe it or not, # 3 View problems as challenges.

I certainly wouldn't have chosen this one 20 yrs ago, but age, childrearing, home ownership and grad school (incl. lots of commuting time to ponder everything from choosing a paper topic, getting the kid to stay in his own bed at night and changing the belt in the dryer) have enlighteded me on this way of tweaking a problem (oh, crap!) into a challenge (I can find a way to fix that!)
Disclaimer: cannot be held to this statement 100% - be real.

Hardest: # 6 Use technology to an advantage.

That is to say, it's not usually my first line of attack, even when it probably should be. For example, I've never set a blog until now (when I have to) And, my oh my, it was SO difficult.

Let's check this test/first posting - I have every confidence in this technology!

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seekyr said...

Do you do dishwashers? Just kidding. Your blog looks great, Maria. Hope you're enjoying playing around with it.

Next, it's on to FLIKR!

-Lesa Z.